The Animal Ventures Process


It starts with Venture Education

We start by educating our partners on Blockchain, AI, and Industrial IoT and how they might leverage these technologies. This involves an overview of the technologies' current status, interviews with experts in the space, and enabling participants to rapidly pitch concepts to Animal Ventures.

Understanding leads to exploring Venture Design

With the promising concepts from the Venture Education, we then run design sprints and workshops to clearly define a promising proof of concept / prototype worth building.



A solid Venture Design leads to a Venture Build

We then build and launch product during 12-week stints to validate our hypothesis from the Venture Design, gain traction, and help our Venture Partners win in the marketplace.

Our Venture Partners typically have hundreds of employees, a product with loads of features and a 24-month strategic plan. We believe this isn't good for innovation. So Animal Ventures deploys small teams that seek simplicity and create pared-down yet effective products.