A Helpful [ Command+T ] Experience

How many times do you open a new tab in your web browser? I do it approximate 20-50 times each day.

I have turned this habit into a moment of growth by combining important reminders with a simple Chrome extension.

While I am using my web browser, I guarantee myself 20-50 healthy reminders a day.

Here is a simple example:

Each time I open up a browser tab in Chrome (I use the shortcut command + t), I see my field manual.

What is my field manual? In short, it is a short list of directives for me to follow.

I created my field manual through a commitment I developed on a platform I started called Committed. In one of the practices advocated by the book Extreme Ownership, I mapped out operating procedures to follow during a work day. These are practices that help me cultivate deep work and remain calm and healthy.

It is easy to get inspired and draft up something like a field manual to improve myself. But unless I review it on a frequent basis, it will likely be a short-lived motivation. This Chrome extension frequently reminds me of the practices I want to become default. Drip-by-drip, or I guess in this case, tab-by-tab. I decided to combine a consistent habit with an intent to be better.

Maybe you have a mantra, value statement, or motivational quote that you could benefit from seeing frequently. I recommend this setup to help you do that.

Take the content that you want to be reminded of regularly and use the Papier chrome extensions to implement the way I have.

Each new tab we open is a chance to remind ourselves to practice something we believe is essential.